Kind Kloth


The Process…

Outlined here is our process for creating Towels


Project Planning

What is the end product? Design? Weave structure? Which yarns do we use? Sett? Calculations…….


Winding the Warp

As each thread passes through our fingers, we spin the warping mill to a predetermined length for each project. The warping mill is an integral piece of equipment that keeps all the ends in place.


The Chain…..

As the warp is removed from the warping mill, it is chained tightly to keep all the ends tidy.


Dressing the Loom….

The warp is then wound onto the loom where lengths range from 2 yards to 25 yards.


Threading the Heddles….

Each end feeds through a heddle assigned to a shaft. The amount of ends range but our towels can have as many as 600 ends. That’s 600 heddles threaded for one project.



Where the shuttle travels over and under between each thread to create the handwoven cloth, one pass at a time.


Woven Cloth…..

Unwinding the woven cloth off the beam is gratifying and inspiring in a world full of fast fashion and manufacturing.



Once the yardage is taken off the loom it starts to rest and relax. Handwoven cloth isn’t finished until it has been washed. This is when the true fabric appears and the yarn blooms to find its place within the cloth.


Final Finishing….

Pressing, pinning and lots of steam….. Machine stitched hems, the only mechanized step used through the whole process. These towels are hard at work in your home, so we believe machine stitching is the best type of hemming to ensure longevity.


The Final Product….

From yarn to handwoven finished cloth, a craft ready to be put to work in your home.