Kind Kloth

The act of making cloth with our hands, then rolling it off the loom, is still so magical to us today.
— Ginette and Nicole
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When I first held a shuttle in my hand, I was immediately taken with the traditional art of weaving cloth. It opened my eyes to the world of textiles.

To create and design fabrics, then watch them form as the shuttle passes through the open shed between layers of threads, is most rewarding.

I enjoy each step of the weaving process, from the first thread gliding off it’s cone to the final steps of carefully examining each piece of fabric gives me an appreciation of the textile world and those that came before us.

I am most inspired by the natural fibres of linen & cotton. They draw me to explore the possibilities of the cloth that I can create.



I have always had a love for the fibre arts as I grew up watching the women in my life create beautiful works of handmade art.  My love for creating, lead me into fashion design in the beginning. I worked in the technical side of the industry where pattern making, CAD, production specs and manufacturing were my main focus for a number of years however, I found myself enamoured by the fabrics themselves; the texture, colour, and drape along with the actual weave structure of that fabric.  I returned to my love of fibre arts when the opportunity to learn how to weave presented itself a number of years later.  I knew I had finally found my passion the moment I sat down at the loom. The feel of the shuttle in my hands, the rhythmic movement of the shed rising and lowering and watching the cloth appear after each pass brought me home.  It was a true intertwining of the creative and technical aspects that made my heart sing.

I take pride in using natural fibres, like organic cotton, linen, alpaca, merino and silk.  Occasionally select pieces are destined for a natural dye bath like an organic Indigo Bio Vat, an iron pot filled with Eucalyptus leaves or a Logwood bark bath, because after all, Mother Nature is the true expert in colour.


The Idea

We are constantly fed with inspiration from our surroundings, whether it’s the outdoors or a simple colour combination that we fall in love with. The textures around us quite often get translated into weave structures. Even after all this time, seeing each project come alive on the loom along with the act of making cloth is still fascinating to us. Weaving is a true passion!

100% Handmade

All Kind Kloth products are 100% handmade by either Ginette or Nicole. Each piece starts with yarn specially chosen for the project. These yarns run through our fingers a number of times before it becomes a finished product. The ‘Our Process’ page outlines exactly what we do to end up with the heirloom quality handwoven cloth you see.

Quality & Design

We believe that quality long lasting cloth is born with superior yarns, therefore, we seek out top quality yarns from reputable sources, and choose organic if at all possible.

Knowing that these pieces will soon become your favourites, we design our products to be classic in style that will stand up to the test of time.